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An easy to use Internet based Campus Recruitment and Campus Automation platform for colleges.

Talentick comes with features like Video Interviews, Online Testing Platform, Automated Candidate Search, Intelligent Analytics and a host of other features to make recruitment a quick and easy process and automate all aspects of your college/instituition.

Campus placement streamlining

Talentick not only automates various processes in a college, it is designed to manage the entire recruitment workflow in a systematic manner. This enables all participants to track and complete the entire process quickly and efficiently. Not only that, our team of dedicated professionals continuously track openings and channelize your college in the right direction.

College Automation

Talentick allows you to bring all your processes online. Whether it is preparation of interviews or conduct tests for variuos classes, Talentick is the package to have.

Video Conferencing Solution

Talentick comes with an inbuilt video conferincing solution. This helps colleges communicate with different branches through video conferencing and make the entire institute seamless.

Email Communication Platform

Talentick comes inbuilt with an email messaging system through which colleges can send emails to a particular branch or the entire college at a click of a button.

Online Testing Platform

Talentick provides colleges the ability to conduct online tests for a particular branch at regular intervals. With many features as listed below, it comes with a complete assessment platform for colleges.

List of features for the assessment platform
•    Random question generator
•    Negative marking
•    Automated score generation
•    Weight based scoring
•    Detailed summary
•    Auto cheat detection features
•    Key press prevention features

College Marketing & Branding

Talentick allows you to create a mini site of your college wherein you can show case your college infrastructure and achievements to the world thereby increasing your college visibility and brand value.

Mandatory Government Reporting

Talentick allows colleges to prepare NAAC & AICTE required reports on the click of a button thereby ensuring your colleges gets the best accredition possible.

No Installations required

Talentick is a completely online platform which means that the colleges don't have to spend a single rupee on installation and maintenance costs.

Access Anywhere, Any Time

Talentick is an online browser based platform, due to which it can be operated from any place having an internet connection. This eliminates the distance barrier and the scheduling constraints that may arise in case of a physical process.

SMS Messaging System

Talentick comes with an inbuilt SMS messaging system which notifies the students as and when required of any important event. This ensures all students are kept aware of all important events affecting them.

Email Notifications

The system provides inbuilt email facility to intimate candidates of all major changes and events on their profile.

Loose Coupling Between Physical and Online System

The system is so designed, that you can conduct part of the process online and part of the process physically depending on your discretion. The inbuilt flexibility in the system permits you to achieve that with ease.

Peer To Peer Communication

The system also allows peer to peer communication between TPOs. This enables knowledge sharing and facilitates growth of the intellectual capital of the entire institute.


Talentick also allows a wide variety of color theme personalization to choose from. This allows the institute/members to set a theme as per its own choice and wish.

Standardized Student Profile Management System

This allows a student to generate his standardized profile on the system. For an employer it provides a uniform look and feel across all resumes thereby enabling him to make a very objective decision.

Life Time Record Management

Once a student enrolls on Talentick, his data will be logged for his entire life time. This enables Colleges to revisit the data in the future if the need arises.

Alumni Database Creation

Talentick auto creates the alumni database thereby ensuring that colleges have a mechanism in place to remain connected with their alumnis as and when required.

College Industry Interaction

Talentick also acts as a medium to connect with different company HRs at a click of a button. This aids in increasing the college to industry connect and increases the visibility of the college.



Send an email to support@talentick.com and begin the registration process.                      



Post registration, our team will contact you and perform basic checks and will complete the registration process. They will also provide you Talentick user name and passwords for you to login.


Allocate users

College TPOs can then allocate unique usernames to their students which can be then tracked by them.


You are ready

Talentick is now ready to use. Search for companies, communicate with students, source CVs and much more all at the click of a button.

What is the registration process for Talentick?

Registration is initiated online and can be done by sending an email to support@talentick.com

What can I do after registering for the initiative?

After completing the registration process, you will receive username and password, which should be used to login to the system. After completing the activation, you can use your account to allocate usernames to students, connect to companies and schedule placement drives in your college.

What are the charges for registering a college?

There is a life time maintenace charge of 20,000 Rs for registering your college with Talentick. This charge entitles you to free feature updates and requires no installation costs at your end.

Can there be multiple login IDs for Training And Placement officers?

Yes! We can provide you multiple logins for your college on request. This can be used in instances when more than one person manages the recruitment process in the college.

We are a group of institutions and would want to use Talentick for all of our institutes. Is it possible?

Yes, of course. Talentick comes inbuilt with features for institutions with different campuses or colleges. It is very easy to configure and use in case of multiple instituitions across various geographies.

Can you customise Talentick for our institute?

Talentick is a feature rich product and is able to cater to any eventuality. However, in the rare event that your institute would like to have customizations done, we would be happy to do so at a nominal charge.

Is my information and data secured on this platform?

Yes, all the information stored on this platform is safe and secure. Platform is hosted on secure cloud servers and we take extra measures to safeguard our data by applying best in class security softwares to our servers.

What are the benefits of joining this initiative?

You can get a list of features under the Features section here.

We are approached by the students for job openings; shall we redirect them to join this program?

Yes, of course! This will help you manage your hiring process plus an added advantage of carrying the hiring process as per your needs. Also the candidate will be updated about your openings and job locations as and when required.

Are there opportunities for Internships on Talentick?

Yes! Talentick is an industry institute connection platform and frequently also has openings for internships.

Is there any installation required to use Talentick?

No. Talentick is an online tool and requires no installation at your end.

What should I do in case I have any issues when using Talentick?

Talentick has undergone a series of tests and every care has been taken to make it error free. However, in the unikely event that you do encounter an issue, feel free to send us an email at support@talentick.com

Can I get login credentials for my team for using this platform?

Any Firm or Company getting registered on this platform can ask for additional logins required to be used by their admin staff or other team members. They can make an online request for the same after logging into the system.

Whom shall I contact in case I have queries regarding the system?

For all the technical queries you can contact Talentick Support Team at support@talentick.com

Is there any verification process before registering on this platform?

Talentick support team carries out the verification process after which you receive the login credentials. Don't worry its simple process and is usually done within a stipulated time period.

Do I require having any documents /information before registering on this platform?

There is no document required to register for this initiative.